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Temper Mistake, Exclusion Erase

by close talker

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Dan ABH Album slams. Great band. Bass & Drums are super tight and not boring like some other bands that may fall under this genre. Guitar riffs and structure are tight. Good lyrics. Deep and dark. Awesome vocal layering. One of the best bands in RVA. Great album. Great hair. Favorite track: Crocus.
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Wolves 02:29
Seems something's wrong. You don't understand me. Swinging in the breeze of your cold shoulder. Oh how I miss your warmth. Our way is badly torn. Don't forget to keep up. The wolves are circling. I'm afraid our time is rapidly winding down. Feather in your cap, seems I'm the mud on your shoe. Places we'll never go with methods, tested and true.
ASAP 02:31
Watch from far away. I only ever wanted to keep you safe. Hurts to know the truth, and all the fucked up things that people do. I hate to see you cry. Hollow my inside. I'll follow anywhere you want but the truth is I would rather be alone with you. Left out in the cold. Whenever you're forgotten you feel so low. Text me to come home. You know that I'll be there As Soon As Possible Can't connect on my own. Spend my nights behind closed doors. Let it be known, you can't count on me no more. I just need a drink, then another until I'm too numb to pretend that I care about it. I just need some space, for an hour or two. When it's all too much, I gotta work things out.
Crocus 02:37
Remember what you've been taught. Fed the notion that I might not ever find the one. So I gave up my will to interact. Glimpse of a girl, and now I want it back. She stands on her own, right in my way. I think I can love somebody some day. I can't be sure and my confidence decays. It's getting warm outside. The summer months approach. No time left to bide. Another year, come and gone, and I'm in pain. Crocus spring from the Earth. Reappear with the April rain in exactly the wrong place. Light on my wrist, take me home. Well I sold my share. Part of me that actually cares for Canadian whiskey, cigarettes and a few warm beers. An unlikely place, how'd you wind up here? In the middle of the path. For me I find that it's best that I keep to the trail as it winds. I step it around and I keep it in mind. Plenty of time to bide. Can't decide, can't be satisfied anymore.
Secret 02:35
Caught me staring off again. I'm not fully present there. Cast aside and coated in neglect. You are the cause and I'm the effect. I don't wait for much. Focus ain't my game. Since I noticed you, got you on my brain. Keeping to yourself is key. There's no need to speak to me. Of all the lies you tell your friends, I am the secret that you should have kept.
Hers 03:16
She's working hard, just like everyone else. Trying to help her family out. Trying to do what's right for them. Her dad was diagnosed last year. Now she lives at home. She's so strong, she don't show. She breaks down when she's alone. I am her's. I belong to noone else. I live on the other side. I am always looking in. Bread is always on the table. The least that we can do. And I'm working hard, though you don't see. I'm trying to be the one you want me to be. I know she hurts but she don't complain. Don't like to focus on the pain. Doing the best that we can do. It's true for me and it's true for you.
You 02:50
Are you ready? We've got to run with this. Understanding time, coping with illness. No answers. No medication. They aren't worth the piss I sold my future with. No revelations no. I've been so impatient see I can't escape me. Nothing to show. Fed up with complacency, I can't escape me. Too far out of the know. Never better. What the fuck does that mean? I mean to say that I, I need to kill time and space. I can't keep up the pace so long. I passed out in the throng and buried my will. I think I know exactly what I need. A point to penetrate me. Struggling every day to define everything. Normalcy - How, why, what, when, where, who. Tugging you every which way. And everything we do feels so contrived. I feel it too. We're fucking alive. Suffer you.
It's not that I don't want to. I just don't feel the way I did before. Unintended harm. Wish you'd understand. Pardon me my wrong. Something about the way you've been looking at me lately drives me wild. She just wants to use me and I'm not sure there's something wrong with that. She can use me up. Only while we're young. Give and you'll receive. Round and round we go. She keeps it casual. Watch me crumble into a million pieces. If my embarrassment shows, please forgive me now. Before you know, I'll be an afterthought. I lost the rhythm. I lost the heart.
Categorize me. Break me down into some sub-genre so you don't have to worry where I stand. Pack me away inside your checklist so that when I disappoint you, it'll be what you expected, all along. She hates to play roles but she knows just what they're after. She doesn't fit into a box of theirs though they keep trying. I'm trying to keep my cool. I've got a bad idea, or two, for you. Why doesn't she wear pink? They project how she should be. She goes by Renegade. They call her many things.
Hopes 03:05
Promised the world, weren't ya? Coming time to deal with the reality. Not enough to go around for ya. Not enough for everyone to eat. Don't you hope for something more than what you've got? Are your dreams unfulfilled? Everyone that we knew, doing what they were raised to do. Stuck you with the bill, did they? Prosperous they're here until you're not, they leave. And it hurts, don't it? To know that happiness is nothing but a dream. Everyone that we knew, doing what they were raised to do. Falling right into place as the people we were melt away. Falling right into place as our hopes melt away.
Garden 04:00
And if it causes concern, I'll review all that I've learned. I'll be your perfect one. And if I shine in your eye, you can't admit your surprise. When I'm what you made me. What's a freak supposed to do? I hate the way I feel with you. So count me out of this one. But if I'm meant to die young, my final song isn't sung. It'll be a perfect one. I hate the sound of your call. My soul hangs right on your wall. I've no enjoyment. When the garden meets my flesh, only then will I know rest, There is no enjoyment for me. Take me with you, won't you? Take me with you when you go. Wait for the sound of my whole entire being breaking into two.


released May 2, 2016

All songs except 'Hers' recorded March 9-12, 2015 at Noisy Little Critter in Thorndale, PA.
Recorded and mixed by Mike Bardzik.

'Hers' recorded and mixed by Stephen Birch at the Lab in Alexandria, VA.

All songs mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth.


all rights reserved



close talker Richmond, Virginia

Cory, Steve, Jack, Charlie
Richmond, VA.


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